Getting the Marrieds!



In between chaperoning visiting family to places like Bath, Chepstow and Cheltenham and playing host to friends also visiting from Canada, Brit Boy and I managed to get married! We had a short (we’re talking seven minutes) ceremony with close friends and family at the registry office in Gloucester. I wore a dress that was not at all appropriate for the weather, but my heavy red coat saved my life! I was glad for it as we headed over to the drafty Gloucester Cathedral for a photo session. A good friend of ours was kind enough to take these two shots for us.


I really can’t wait to see the rest! Also, my inner Harry Potter nerd was more than stoked to have a post-wedding photoshoot inside Hogwarts. Afterwards, we had a delicious lunch at a nearby pub, parted ways for an hour and a half and then headed to the reception in a private pavilion at The Royal Oak in Prestbury (which is one of the most beautiful villages I’ve been to). Extended family, co-workers and friends were invited and we all chowed down on nibbles, cupcakes (delicious ones made by my mother-in-law!) and I finally played a round of skittles! It was such a wonderful day and I’m more than happy that things went smoothly. It was also a pretty stress-free planning process which myself and Brit Boy were more than pleased with!

So, now the tough part begins what with filling out a billion forms for passport renewals and work visas. I also had the tough task of saying good-bye to my parents, sister and nephew at Paddington train station yesterday. That sucked a lot, but hey, we will be seeing them in five months. Can’t wait for that!

For now, though, I shall digest the last of the cupcakes (yes, I ate one for breakfast, don’t judge me), enjoy our new toaster (bought with gifted Amazon vouchers) and enjoy being married to one heck of a fella (which I most certainly am!).


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