Walking in the Cotswolds


I live just a stone’s throw away from the Cotswolds, which is a surprisingly young constituency having been formed in 1997. To me, when I hear the words “the Cotswolds”, I picture something similar to the photo above: Thatched roof cottages, tiny villages, compact towns and vast amounts of farmland. Well, that really is what it’s like.

Even though I haven’t ventured too far from Southwestern England, I find this area has so much to offer and I’ve only barely begun to scratch the surface! I’ve spent the past couple of weekends in the Cotswold region going on winter walks. While it is very cold, bundling up in a billion layers certainly helps, as does “walking quickly” up those slight inclines! There are some great areas to walk around so long as the ground is frozen. A lot of these walking trails go into farmland which can quickly become Mud City. I have definitely made great use out of my hiking boots!

I think the best part of our walk last weekend were all the animals we randomly came across, like our mint loving horse friends who trotted over once they were promised a snack. I have been on the other side of the fence before, aka: sharing a field with horses, which was a slightly intimidating experience (a farm girl I am not!), so I was perfectly happy with hanging out with these three on THIS side of the fence!

These were the most glorious pigs I have ever seen. Apparently the breed is “Oxford Sandy and Black”. Such big, floppy ears on these piggies! They, too, got a snack of mints which they thoroughly enjoyed despite being dropped in the mud. We soon learned that we were walking on the premises of Scrubditch Care Farm. They had many animals including cattle, sheep, geese and donkeys (one of which was VERY vocal after my poor donkey impression!). It was just so funny to walk by this seemingly empty pen and see four massive pigs emerge from the shrubbery. So cute! Makes me feel bad for loving bacon…

There are so many nooks and crannies in this region to check out and I’ve only just begun to make a dent in my explorations, but the year is early yet and I’m sure there will be more visits to come.


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