So Long, 2014


My second Christmas and first full year in the UK has come and gone. I could go the really clichéd route and say, “Wow, time flies!” but it wouldn’t be true. In hindsight, this year was long, but not in a bad way. Granted, it was my first full year away from family and friends–and that got tough sometimes, really tough–but, looking back, 2014 was pretty good to me.

Things were a little rough towards the end of the year, but the thought of what is to come in 2015 was enough to get me through. This year promises to be an epic one. My family and friends are visiting in a few weeks (SO EXCITED!) and Brit Boy and I will be making our way to BC come July. Of course, there are things I am worrying about, but there’s no use getting too caught up in that…or so I keep telling myself ;]

I’m looking forward to fun times ahead. All right, 2015, let’s do this!


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