Coming Home



After months of talking about it and collaborating with his parents, Brit Boy and I have booked flights back to BC! All right, so the above photo isn’t my actual home, but dang it, I do miss Vancouver and those lovely mountains. That’s an aspect of “home” to me!

As mentioned, Brit Boy’s parents will be going, too (albeit on later flights there and earlier flights back to the UK). They have never been to Canada before, so I’m pretty stoked that they’ll be there the same time we are! Their accommodation (which looks pretty dang amazing) is really close to one of our favourite restaurants, The Naam, a 24-hour vegetarian restaurant that has the best enchiladas ever. Yes, they have many other items on that massive menu, but I just can’t steer myself away from the Mexican section. So. Dang. Good.

In between now and July (when we fly off), there are so many things that I need to do. Two major things are renewing my passport AND extending my Visa (both of which expire almost at the same time–ack!). While the passport renewal is pretty straight forward, the Visa bit is not and the more I look into it, the more my head spins!

However, I am just keeping my eye on the prize–that being this long-awaited visit. My folks, sister and nephew will be in the UK come early 2015 which I’m super excited about (they’ve never been to the UK before and my parents have never traveled overseas). A couple of friends are planning to visit as well, so lots of fun things to come!

As for me right now, I finished my latest temp assignment and am still looking for a new job. I had saved up a lot of holiday pay, which will be paid out to me over the next three weeks, so I have that cushion, but I’m keeping my eye out on more permanent roles. I’d like to be employed over the holiday season, preferably!

Ack, I just re-re-reminded myself that Christmas is seemingly around that ever present corner. I think I may need to slip into my role of “keener” and start prepping for that–and soon!

photo credit: ecstaticist via photopin cc


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