Sunny Sunday


Grumpy Cat Street Art

I didn’t feel quite like Grumpy Cat, but I was amused to find her likeness on a walk in Gloucester city center today.

August marks the start of another Geocaching challenge: The 7 Souvenirs of August. Basically, you’re challenged to find 6 different cache types for the month of August. Once you complete a challenge, a little souvenir badge shows up in your Geocaching profile (kind of like achievements/trophies with video games). When you get all 6 cache types, a bonus 7th badge will appear. I’m into it. It’s fun, nerdy and is a great excuse to go outside and enjoy that summer weather.


Our walk took us along some interesting sights in Gloucester, many of which I’d never seen before. We saw two ruined priories and one particular cache had us looking at plaques to figure out clues as to where the final hide was. Normally, I’d just walk by a plaque without paying much attention. These ones were definitely out of one’s view, so it was cool to have attention drawn to them.


Apple tree! Don’t worry, I wasn’t NEWTON’D. This was in the courtyard of Blackfriars Priory, which was an interesting spot to briefly visit. There were nice little gardens and buildings amongst the crumbling priory ruins.


All in all, it was a nice afternoon to be out and about. We snagged two geocaching souvenirs on our walk and took in some brilliant sunshine. After the crazy downpour that happened yesterday, it was great to enjoy the decent weather!


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