Over the Weekend: Thunderstorms & Food Festivals


Gloucester Docks

The above picture is a stark contrast from the weather yesterday morning and afternoon. It was absolutely coming down in the buckets. We got pretty wet when we went to the recycling depot. After coming home and drying off a bit, I heard thunder rumbling in the distance.

Today, it was warm and sunny. I was so unprepared for this that I wore black jeans and forgot my sunglasses. D’oh! I heavily rely on my BBC weather app, so I was expecting it to be overcast for most of the day. “Nope!” said the Sun. “I’m going to be out in all my full brilliance and splendor!”

That was nice. But, I was sweaty. Totally my fault.

We did head out in the sunshine to check out the Gloucester Quays Food Festival. There were many stalls selling everything from oils, cheeses, meats, kitchen wares and something called “fuffle” (a chocolate bar truffle). We settled on spicy stir fried Thai noodles for lunch and then treated ourselves to some damn good ice cream served out of a pink VW camper van! Brit Boy also ended up buying a 3-pack of Severn Cider which is some darn delicious stuff. I’m not a big drinker, but I like this cider!

It was a good weekend and it’s still going strong. I’m still pretty sick, though, and have been for over a week now. No good. Summer colds are the worst.

My brother ended up flying back home safely last Saturday. It was nice having him around for three weeks. I hope more family and friends will be able to visit in 2015! It’s been fun getting to know the area I live in now and showing people around.

For now, Munich looms in the distance. Okay, “looms” isn’t the right word, but that trip is quickly approaching! I’m pretty excited. This may be the last trip I take this year, unless something spontaneous happens.

I’m totally down with that, too :]


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