McSibs Reunited!


Well, I kinda fell off the face of the planet, which is what I was afraid of when I started this blog. I was so optimistic when I selected the “I will post once a week!” option on the ol’ goals list. Yeah, no. I will write when I find myself in a quiet moment, which I’m currently experiencing. Woo!

My brother arrived in the UK early Saturday morning. Brit Boy and I stayed in a hotel that was literally IN the airport (that airport being Gatwick). It was a little odd, but cool at the same time. It was called Bloc Hotel. The room consisted of a bed and a wet room. It was very nice, though, clearly a new build. I liked the Samsung tablet built into the wall that controlled the lights and air conditioning. The strange thing was the lack of windows. The room and hallways were dimly lit, save for a window right at the end of the hall that looked over the runway. This made gauging what time it was a little difficult, especially when I woke up suddenly and had to basically guess what time it was. But, yes, my brother arrived safely and we made the long journey back to Gloucester.

We spent the first full day showing him the city, which consisted of the cathedral (as pictured above), the docks and the Quays. We had a nice walk in the warm sun. Then, for Monday and Tuesday, Brit Boy and I went to work and, like the good hosts we are, left him at home to his own devices, haha! Well, he caught up on sleep and got his appetite somewhat back to normal.

For the next three days, the boys will be going on adventures while I get through my last week at my current job. Then the good times will roll! Dublin, possibly Bath, the most AMAZING pub I’ve been to since being in the UK (which is in Cricklade) and London (to see Book of Mormon!..and do the usual touristy stuff). I’m very happy my brother has finally traveled outside of North America. He’s the first of my family to see where I live now, and that alone is very cool!

Oh, and today is my birthday. I’m 31! This upcoming year is going to be awesome and I’m excited for what lies ahead. But, for now, the countdown to Dublin is ON.


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