Over the (Long) Weekend: Brunch, Caching & Stately Homes


Saturday started off with brunch at The Curious Cafe, a place I’ve walked by many times and thought, ‘I want to go in there.’ I got the vegetarian English breakfast (substituting the tomato for an extra hash brown…that I couldn’t even eat anyway). It was satisfying and made my tummy happy and less hangry.

Sunday was spent geocaching where we ended up in a field looking for reindeer (it was a Christmas themed caching series). It was, I believe, my first cache-venture in Worcestershire. The weather looked gloomy at the start of the day, but gradually got better. Thank goodness, as I didn’t bring a waterproof coat! You’d think all my time in rainy BC would have taught me a thing or two (NOPE).

We ended up befriending a few horses, due to Brit Boy’s mum feeding them mints. We had to walk across that field to grab a cache and they followed us the whole way. The middle one (the younger of the three) ended up sneaking behind me somehow and bumping my shoulder! I was only a little startled.

Our cache-scursion brought us to the estate of Hanbury Hall, a beautiful place with massive amounts of land now owned by the National Trust. We completed yet another Christmas themed cache series that ended up being a ton of fun.

I love seeing stuff like this as it’s truly strange to my Canadian (heck, North American) eyes. These sights are often romanticized due to large doses of period drama viewings. We didn’t end up going inside, but intend to return!

My brother will be visiting the UK in less than a month! We have booked a trip to Dublin for three nights during the time he’ll be here. I’m looking forward to it! We plan on visiting the Guinness Storehouse, Kilmainham Gaol and the nearby town of Bray to snag the oldest cache in Europe (neeerrrrds!). Fun times ahead!


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