Over the Weekend: Painswick & Paella


 photo paella_zps961ace26.jpg

It was a long weekend in these parts and the weather promised to be, well, not rainy! The Cheltenham Jazz Festival was in full swing (or full jazz?) and on Friday, when I was waiting for Brit Boy at Starbucks, I noticed the world market was back. It made an appearance in the Fall and again around Christmas, so this was exciting! Of course, I only care about the food. We headed over on Sunday with the intent to do a little shopping and a lot more sampling.

Perusing food stands, for me, is difficult. From kangaroo burgers to crêpes and bratwurst BBQ just a few doors away from Chinese noodle-y goodness, it’s easy to think, ‘Give me one of everything!’ Unfortunately, my stomach can only hold so much–and my stomach wasn’t being my friend on this day. Brit Boy felt the same. So, we went for a large paella to share. It was just what the doctor ordered! Also, I had never eaten Spanish food in my life, so this was a nice introduction. So colourful and YUM.

 photo pwick-01_zps9208221c.jpg

The following day was a holiday Monday, so we headed over to Painswick (which is a 15 minute drive away on a VERY windy road) to do a few geocaches Brit Boy’s parentals had published. The fountain on the right is located on the cutely named Tibbiwells Lane; it pours water into an ancient channel that runs along the roadside. The lane itself, though, is not to be trifled with. It was a rather STEEP hill (we were walking down it, thankfully) and a narrow road. We saw one car go down and I kind of felt for the guy. It looked the opposite of “fun” to drive down!

 photo pwick-02_zps3d71f99a.jpg

Our caching took us to the valley, where we got a lovely view of the village and the church. After trudging uphill (which led to flashbacks of Edinburgh), we rested near the churchyard which is an attraction just on its own! The yew trees are perfectly sheared into rounded shapes, some forming doorways along the path. It was actually quiet in the yard, so I managed to get a decent shot without some little kid suddenly running into frame (basically, this place is the ideal hide and seek play spot).

I always love coming to Painswick. It’s one of those places where you find yourself saying things like, “If I were to win the lottery, I’d get a house here.” It’s just a quintessential village in the Costwolds. And I’m still weirded out that I live so close by!

We’ve been using caching as an excuse to come here, but now that we’ve found pretty much all of the caches in and around the village itself, we’ll have to come back more often just for the sake of visiting. Also, the free parking on Sundays and Bank Holidays is a definite bonus ;]


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