Random Happiness




It doesn’t take a heck of a lot to make me happy. I cherish these moments of “random happiness” even more because, well, homesickness can happen. It’s easy to start thinking about “all the things I miss” about home, but, right now, this is my home.

No, there aren’t any mountain views when I look out the kitchen window, but if I can get the front seat at the top of the double decker bus (pictured above) so I can take in the sights that have now become the norm (perfectly pruned gardens, green hills, funky looking clouds), then I’m game! That’s something I’m not able to do back home in Canada with our boring single decker buses (and the drivers that can be a little too fond of the brakes when it’s standing room only!).

Also, for a food lover like myself, it’s all too easy to long for certain delicious items I enjoyed stuffing into my face, but are no longer readily available in this country. Among these items, Japanese food hit the top of the list–and quite recently, too!

Trust me, I’ve done my research, but the only place I could find that exclusively sold Japanese fare was Yo! Sushi. It was good, but not the best I’ve had. I’m well aware that I’m spoiled in BC with such a bombardment of choices when it comes to sushi joints!

There have been surprises, though. Sometimes, when it comes to OM NOM NOMS you’ll find something you weren’t looking for. Where I live in England, street food is basically non-existent. It’s not quite at the level as it is in North America. However, I did come across some damn good falafel this past weekend and my happiness levels elevated drastically!



The falafel pita was lovingly made by this man and one bite made me smile awkwardly as I struggled to keep the warm, fried deliciousness in my pie-hole. He used three different sauces (tahini, a creamy dill sauce and harissa), some gherkins and stuffed the seemingly small pita with six falafel balls. Oh, and that article highlighted another dude serving food from a cart–I may have to stalk him next!

For my “Japanese food fix”, I bought some nori sheets at the grocery store (they had them, I grabbed ’em!), cheap rice noodles, beansprouts, spinach, mushrooms and zucchini (sorry, courgette…ah, Brits). I just briefly cooked the veggies in a boiling pot of vegetable broth, topped with chopped nori (for a sushi-like flavour), sprinkled some chili flakes and drizzled Sriracha sauce. Satisfaction!

Don’t worry, this isn’t turning into a food blog, but a full stomach is enough to make me forget about all those things that I long for. A front row seat to observe the world flying by from a huge window helps, too. I always see something new despite taking the same bus line many times since my arrival.

This may or may not turn into a posting series–only time will tell. But, documenting randomness is something I overly enjoy, so I won’t be surprised if that just ends up happening!


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