Honeymoon in Scotland {Part 2}




It has been more than a year since I last blogged about our honeymoon (which we went on, er two years ago!), but ehhh. What can I say, I’m one heckuva slooowww blogger.

Anyway, the remainder of our trip was very much dictated by geocaching, a rest stop and Harry Potter nerdery.

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So long, 2018


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I tend to find it difficult reflecting on the year as I find myself forgetting so many things. But I seem to have had a good grip on 2018 in that I know it was hard at times, but the good times certainly outweighed the tough ones. I am grateful for that.

This is a random assortment of pictures with no real theme, but just a few moments of good times and memories from the past year.

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Always great to head back to the Lower Mainland and visit friends and family. I have always wanted to visit the East Van sign and we got to do it twice on this trip (mostly because we messed up the geocache we had planned to find there!).


We went to Disneyland with my parents and brother. The huz had never been to California and was a bit hesitant about Disneyland, but he grew to love it (to my surprise!). We enjoyed a beach day and some In-n-Out, but mostly just found moments to relax amidst the the busy-ness of the holiday.

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It sure was a hot summer, but it made for some fantastic evening walks. I can’t wait until the winter gloominess leaves us and we have more daylight long into the evenings. There were far too many heatwaves for my liking, though. I was trapped in a traffic jam for over an hour and the bus I was in turned into a sweat factory. It was torture! Summer, that sort of nonsense makes it hard to love you.

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I turned 35 and went on what is turning out to be an annual birthday trip to London. However, this time we had reason to go–Nine Inch Nails were playing a concert at Royal Albert Hall (on my birthday!) and I had managed to snag tickets.

We enjoyed walking around Holland Park and Chelsea. I feel like we visit a new place every time we go to London. We’re planning our next day trip so I’m sure we’ll be back soon.


We went to York! It was my first time visiting northern England, a place with a strong identity. York is just a small part of that identity and it was a fascinating place to explore. I live in an old city, but this one felt even older. There were lots of fun characteristics about the place. Pete achieved a bucket list item in that he went to the Railway Museum which was really cool and worth a visit (by donation?!).

I really enjoyed my time here, I’m glad we got to visit for an extended period. I felt like I could move there, but Gloucester is definitely the right home for us right now. I’m sure we’ll be back for another visit.

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And finally, well…Paris.

This started as a joke, but we went to Paris for the day via the Eurostar. We stayed in a hotel in London (across from St Pancras station) and got up at silly o’clock to catch our train. It actaully worked out very well, but was exhausting as you can imagine! I managed to wreck my knee pretty badly from all the walking which put a damper on things, but just meant we had to leave London earlier than planned.

I’m glad got the chance to re-visit the city again after 10 years. I would love to see more of France someday, but for now…Paris will do 🙂


So, that was my 2018 in a very brief nutshell! I don’t make new year’s resolutions, but always hope for good health and happiness to all. Time to march into another year!

Here’s to 2019.

Honeymoon in Scotland {Part 1}


The huz and I delayed our honeymoon for various reasons, but finally–two and a half years after tying the knot–we set off to the Scottish Highlands. Let’s just ignore the fact that it took me nearly a year to blog about it!

We started off in the Isle of Skye and, man oh man, that place is magical to say the least. Mountains, rivers…and whisky!

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‘Tis the Season


Christmas in Cardiff…in November 😛

The tree is up, the lights are out and the Thymes Frasier Fir candle is lit–it must be Christmas time!

I’m feeling a bit more “into the festive season” this year. Last year, it was far too mild and overall I just found it difficult getting into the swing of things. I have found celebrating Christmas harder since I moved away, but as the years go on (cripes, I’ve been here for FOUR years now!) we have started new traditions. The huz even relented and bought some outdoor Christmas lights! He even put them up himself. I’m sure I will continue to push my luck on that front!


Snow day in Gloucester

It snowed today for the first time in maybe two years. It stuck to the ground and everything! It was deeper in some areas unlike in the above picture, but it was pretty slushy and already turning dirty and grey. Still, it was nice to have a lazy Sunday indoors, go for a wintry walk and bake some banana bread in the evening.

I’m working on the days following Christmas and Boxing Day, but it sounds like it’ll be a pretty chill time prior to that. We’ll go to the in-laws’ for dinner, I’ll bring along a batch of nanaimo bars (or “neemo bars” as the Brit family incorrectly calls them!) and there will be a few gifts to exchange (are we really done shopping already??…well, I’m not). Oh right, and we have a Christmas Day geocaching event to attend in Barnwood Park which is always a good time.

2017 certainly whizzed on by at a scarily fast pace, but I am so ready for 2018 to be here and to let the good times roll.

Happy Holidays / Merry Christmas / Happy Hanukkah / Joyous Kwanzaa

Tidying Update


Jennifer Burk

So I have only just discovered that Photobucket is now charging users $400 USD/year to hotlink images onto third party websites. My blog is a bit of a mess at the moment, but thankfully I had the good sense to keep all my images saved elsewhere (read: on my PC).

I will be slowly fixing everything when I have time, so for now enjoy the ugly that Photobucket has taken itself to impose on this li’l blog. All should be back to normal soon-ish (and I’ll actually update this thing, too!).

My Travel Wish List



I have been fortunate enough to have visited many places on my travel wish list. Switzerland? Done. New York City? Been there, want to go back. Bruges? You bet! Scotland and Germany? Yes, and multiple times, too.

You’ll notice that most of those places have been on the European continent. While I still have places in Europe I want to visit, I am branching out and, er, lengthening the size of my list. It’s a list that I never stop adding to, but I am determined to visit all of the places on it one day (I say that a lot…“one day”). Below, I have compiled just eight of those places I want to see and experience…one day.

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Winter & the Festive Season


The cathedral in the morning winter sun really is something else.

It’s that time of year again when there’s a Christmas tree in every front window, lights on all the houses and the temperatures a balmy 12 degrees Celsius…wait, what?!

After a cold start to December (I’m talking temperatures dipping below zero, which is quite cold in these parts), we are now experiencing another mild lead up to Christmas. In fact, that crazy temp I just mentioned is the forecast for Christmas Day. What the what? I could get away with wearing a light jacket! In fact, I HAVE gone out for a walk in a light jacket recently. Just ridiculous.


I needed a heavier jacket on this walk, though.

Pete and I have enjoyed doing the usual festive things during December. We have been hosting some geocaching events at pubs (continuing a series of these events from last winter), getting our shopping done early (I am DONE…well, I might get a few extra things…heh heh) and generally just chilling out after busy days at work.

I usually get terribly homesick this time of year, but I have been doing better this time around. True, there are things I definitely miss (Stanley Park, gah!), but we are creating our own little traditions in this neck of the woods. Pete finally “gets” why I love driving around in search of insanely decked out houses. We will be attending a Christmas Day geocaching event for the third year running (hosted by my mother-in-law). Oh, and we finally got a new Christmas tree and some nerdy ornaments. Behold!


I think Deadpool needs a Santa beard. Maybe next year.

We also definitely bought a Lego set (the Winter Toy Shop, pictured next to the tree) and we’re hoping to get a few more of these sets in the future. Oh boy, that could get out of control and fast!

Oh 2016, you were definitely rough at times (that’s an understatement!), but overall this year was pretty good to me on a personal level. As always, though, I look forward to ushering in another year in the hope that it will be even better. Optimism ahoy!

Happy Holidays / Merry Christmas / Happy Hanukkah / Joyous Kwanzaa

…and a happy new year, you filthy animals.